Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 months? Really?

yeah it's been a while. Life got busy, what can i say!? Anyways today I was reminded of a funny story so I thought I would post it.
About 3 years ago me and a group of friends spent our spring break on a mission trip to LA. We spent the week helping out our friend Tim Chaddick with a church they were just starting called Reality LA ( During the day we would do a variety of things from street witnessing to helping clean out a school in Skidro to just hanging out with the families their.
One day we went to this museum. Not a cool museum with old famous pictures but one of those new age ones with things like a old computer that they call "art". Well we got restless and started goofing around. Of course when this happens I tend to not think before I do things and before I know it I sit down in this space shuttle/toilet and say "hey guys check this thing out?!" as I act like I'm pooping. About 10 seconds later this old chinese lady comes yelling at me "OFF! OFF! OFF!". We paniced and ran out. Good times. Of course In my opion it was their fault they had a spaceship/toilet. Who wouldn't want to sit on that?!