Monday, December 22, 2008

The greatest game every played

For the past five years I have played in a fantasy football league with some guys from church. I won it the first year I played but have yet to make it back to the big game since then. Well this year I made it to the super bowl only to face my younger brother. Needless to say this week consisted of a lot of trash talking and player bashing. To say the least I felt pretty good going into Sunday Night. I was up 81-50. I had J. Stewart (RB) from the panters and Carney (Kicker) from the Giants. Jordan had D. Williams (RB) from the panters, Steve Smith (WR) from the panters and the panters kicker (Kasay).Why he had some many players on the panters team beats me... Oh yeah he probably doesn't know either because he didn't draft his team. My problems started in the first quarter when Stewart got knocked out. He later came back but didn't get nearly as many carries as he normally does and ended up giving more to williams. As the game went on Williams ended up with 4 touchdowns. Entering into the fourth quarted we we're tied....93-93.
It was a epic match up, bro vs bro. It was like a manning vs manning super bowl, only fantasy football style. Williams had a 10 yard run to put Joe up 94-93. As time was expiring Carolina/Jordan decided to kick a field goal for the win. Luckly he missed it but unfortanitly you don't lose points for missing fields goals. Going into overtime the giants got the ball first. The best chance for me to win is to have the Giants kick a field goal. After both teams went 3 & out the Giants got the ball down to the red zone. At this point I was feeling pretty darn good. It was third down, they'll probably play conservative and run. Caroline will know it and stop them and Carney will chip in a game winner.
Not so fast my friend. On 3 & 7 the Giants run to the two only to give it to this Ogar who ran over the panters D for the touchdown. Your probably thinking "Don't worry you can kick an extra point to put you in a tie braker!" ummm no. Its overtime so everyone just runs on the field and ends the game.
Devestated might be an understatment for how I felt. I blew a 31 point lead going into sunday night. My RB got hurt only to give Joe's RB more carries. The Giants freakin score a TD instead of a FG. So I think they should make a rule that you have to kick the Extra point in overtime for Fantasy Football purposes.
Also its freaky how fantasy football can change how you view NFL football. One minute I'm going for a team the next I'm cheering against them. Needless to say it was an incredible game and in my book one of the greatest Fantasy Football games ever played. Congrats on the win Joe/Dad who drafted your team.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I live for

A few weeks ago I got a facebook message from a old high school friend. To say the least it blow me away. Here is a quick history of our relationship
Me and my friend had gone to middle school together and were each going to the same high school (most kids at our middle school went to leon). So we naturally started to hang out, knowing we both didn't want to go to high school alone. After our freshman year she started to get into some worldly stuff while I made the decision to start living my life fully for Christ. Throughout high school I continually invited her to come to church and youth event. Occasionally she would come but never over a consistent time period. After High school we hardly saw each other yet she was constantly in my prayers. I didn't know why, but I prayed for her anyway.
As I read the message she sent me a few weeks ago I was shocked. As she said in her own words, "Its been a while, but just wanted to see how things were. Wanted to thank you from a long time ago, for inviting me to Calvary Chapel back in the day. I kind of strayed from the path after that and from you as a friend too. But I've found my way back to working on my relationship with God. I've stopped my partying and have been going to Maranatha Baptist Church. You were one of the first friends in my life after declaring Jesus as my saviour and without you (and God of course) I may have not gotten to feel what it feels like to be so blessed".
Often times being in ministry you forget what you do all this stuff for. I forget why I spend all this time preparing messages that middle school kids don't want to listen to. I forget why I spend my pre-game tailgates hanging out and serving kids. I forget why I want to do this in every aspect of my life. That is until I get a message like this. When I get to see the fruit of my labor, even when its 8 years down the road. To know the Lord used me and to actually hear about it sparks my desire to serve others as Christ would. God is so good. Good isn't adequate enough but what word really is? I live for moment's like this. Thank you Jesus.