Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday I saw a lady from our church at chick-fil-a. Knowing her I was expecting a list of questions. But this time around she had lost her voice so I only got asked one question. One really good question.

"So Will, you've been married for about 4 1/2 months now, right?" she said.
"Yeah it's crazy, time sure does fly..."
"So let me ask you this; If a young christian man came up to you today and said he is thinking about getting married, to a young christian girl what advice would you give him?"

Advice? Really? Did she not just hear me say I've only been married 4 1/2 months? Man.......
I thought for a second. Suddenly the answer became clear....

"Well the first thing I would say is make sure you guys are best friends. The second thing I would say is make sure you challenge one another in your walks with Christ."

The answer was a powerful one. So powerful that I knew it had to have come from the Lord. As the lady started to cry she thanked me for that honest answer, we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

As I got in the car the Lord started to show me what I had said. I have to say the first bit of advice has come from my parents. My parents love each other and love hanging out with each other just as much. They have made it very clear to me and Jul that this was very important. I'm glad I picked up on that...

The second bit of advice was a realization to me once I said it. Looking back I can honestly say that I am a better man of God because of my wife. I'm a better friend. I'm a better mentor. I'm a better worship leader. Why? Because Jul wants the best for me and pushes me more then I would push myself. She challenges me. She pushes me places I don't want to go sometime (spiritually and physically).

I love my wife not just for her good looks (even though she is smokin hot). I don't just love my wife because she is funny or adventerous or giving or a true godly women. I also love my wife because she has pushed me to be a better man of God.

So if you are thinking about getting married, take some advice from someone who has experienced something life changing. You don't want to miss out.

Father thank you for the blessing of Marriage.