Monday, November 17, 2008

Do it Big

Last night we had our big outreach of the year. This is our third year putting on "do it big" (second for me) but the first time we did it at Leon High School Gym, which is a more central location rather then KLUMC. In fact it was really a lot of first for us as a organization and a really big step in the direction we are looking at going in. In case you don't know what do it big is it is a outreach geared toward high school and middle school students to bring together the whole body of christ (blackes, whites, mexicans, asians whoever). This was by far our biggest Do it Big yet with over 420 kids there! Among those kids around 30% were african american which was awesome. The Lord really worked last night and I am excited to see where He wants to take us from here. Below I walked you through my day yesturday and I hope it helps you see how the event went last night.

9:30am-3:30pm: Worked on all the media stuff. I made a promo video for the crosswild spring retreat, downloaded some videos from Amena Brown and made slides for our speakers.

4-6: Set up. The Lord really put this whole thing together. The Church of the hills let us use their stage, sound system, projector, lights etc. When I showed up nobody knew how to set the sound system up so the responsibility was given to me. Luckly it was really simple and we didn't have any problems.

5:30-6:30: The kids started to show up and eat. When I went outside I was surprised to see how many kids had shown up. I actually met kids from gainsville, jacksonville, east gadsen and Ocala who had heard about it on the radio and came out!

6:30: The program started with a 10 minute walk in/count down video. It was like a mad rush through the doors.

6:40: The Drumline got the night started. Our friend Eric does a inner city drumline with some kids from Centerpoint church. They were awesome. The kids loved it and it really got the night started off on the right foot. After them roshad, stuart and ben came up greeting everyone and gave away a few shirts. This part did involved stuart, roshad and some black girls dancing. I remember one of them was named red soxs.

6:50: Ben interviewed starting free safety for FSU Jamie Robinson. Jamie talked about where he is at with his walk with Christ and how he got there.

6:55: Showed the Crosswild spring retreat promo video. Followed by Roshad introducing Myron

7: Myron Rolle gave his testimony sharing how God has changed his life and what He is doing through him now.

7:10 Showed a Amena Brown video called "Ressurection". Amena is a poet who shows the real power of God's word through her poems. It is a new style of worship called Spoken word worship. Really power stuff. Also the video froze half was through but the audio kept going. Really weird but not a single kid got distracted from it. Praise the Lord

7:15 Peter Boulware shared the gospel/his story. Peter was a better speaker then I thought and really brought the gospel (Maybe he is called to be a preacher not a politician). Also right before peter came up to speak, the program we were using to run everything froze so I had to force quit it. Unfortunatly it decided to talk back to me, yelling "excuse me" across the gym. Not cool but luckly it didn't take long to fix.

7:30 Roshad came up after Peter and gave an opportunity for people to except Christ. When I got home that night I went through the decision cards and atleast 15 people gave their lives to the Lord and 20 or so more wanted information on finding a home church. Good to know the Lord was working. Seeing that made it worth all the hard work

7:35 We showed a last Amena Brown Video called "you". Once again Powerful and worshipful.

7:40 The drumline came out and played two last songs. This time people got up and danced which was fun.

8-9 Clean up!

Overall we had a ton of help from many parents and college students. Without so much help it wouldn't have been possible and would have been way for stressful. We have a lot we can improve on for next year but overall its hard to not be pleased with it. The Word went forth and people got saved. Not much more you can ask for.

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